About Us

We are the Johnson family:  Ben, Becca, Elie, Lizzy, Sam, and Miriam.

Welcome to our online ministry home!

God sparked a passion for missions very early in our lives. Ben’s love of aviation spurred him to study missionary aviation and eventually led him to serve 13 years as a Chaplain in the Air Force Reserve and Wisconsin Air National Guard.  Because of his passion for pastoral ministry, he also served for 8 ½ years as a youth pastor in Oostburg, Wisconsin before God called Becca and him to Thailand.

Becca’s passion to care for those hurting led her to study social work. God used her to serve extremely diverse groups including women who have experienced domestic violence and drug addiction, developmentally disabled adults, the elderly, and adopted children.

Since 2015, we have served as missionaries in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  During this time, we studied Thai language and culture, helped in the planting of a church in Chiang Mai, and began building relationships with Thai people, both believers and unbelievers.

As we got to know Thai ministry leaders, we heard lots of stories about the Thai church and what needed to happen if the church was going to grow.  Two themes began to develop:

1.       Missionaries need to work alongside the existing Thai church.

2.       Efforts need to be made to grow beyond the city of Chiang Mai.

We agree with these assessments.  And God has provided us relationships and ministry opportunities to work toward these goals.  We are currently partnering with a Thai Christian church and foundation to recruit, train, equip, send, and support teams of Thai church leaders and missionary families to the parts of Thailand that need the gospel most.

We are also partnering with Christian leaders among the Karen hilltribe people to develop well-trained pastors, teachers, evangelists, and church members. 

We would appreciate your prayer and support as we seek to follow God’s leading in this calling.